New Bentley Continental GT: First Look

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The Bentley Continental GT is getting long in the tooth, no longer the must-have accessory of the pocket-dog and power-broker set. Accordingly, a brand new supercar will debut on September 6th. Here's a sneak peek.

The Continental GT was the first Bentley completely designed under Volkswagen ownership and definitely it changed the direction of the brand, though it brought a certain level of criticism, the Continental GT definitely fattened the company's coffers. That was 2003 though, there was a very light refresh in 2005, but aside from several special editions and a high-performance model, the car's been relatively untouched, until now.


We definitely don't have all the details yet, but from the teaser video posted on the new Continental GT minisite we can learn quite a lot. From a styling perspective, it appears the new Continental borrows heavily from the recent Mulsanne, with LED-ringed quad headlights, a similar-shaped grille, more definition to the fenders and more chiseled shaping to the window openings. We detect a slightly bolder Hoffmeister kink too. Out back it keeps the trademark stacked oval tail light treatment.

Inside it's got a much-upgraded center stack control center and, similar to the Jaguar XJ, an all-digital gauge cluster. As to the greasy bits underneath, that's still a bit of a mystery. It does look like the new car gets upgraded with the carbon ceramic brakes from the GT Speed but other than that, who knows. We're expecting power to be adequate, of course. [Continental GT minisite]

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Are those machine guns in the headlamps?