New Benicia Bridge Opens Tomorrow

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While the bridge is officially named after George Miller, and is referred to by state officials as "The Benicia-Martinez Bridge," locals know it as the Benicia Bridge, and its second span is about to open. We remember the massive clangs when they were driving pilings for the structure four years ago. Has it been four years? Sheebus. The new open-road tolling system is only the third one installed on a bridge so far in the nation and should ease commute times on 680, thus allowing Benicians a quicker ride home. Unfortunately for Fairfield residents who commute to the Bay, traffic at Cordelia Junction is expected to rise. We always knew Southern Solano was the smarter choice. Raise a family. Hang out and watch TV. And go and feed the grebes. Unt! Unt! Unt! [SFGate]

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No Kids Just Bikes

I was starting to miss the punk rock references here on the jalop. I can rest easy now.