New Area 51 Satellite Imagery Shows Massive New Hangar Almost Finished

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New images of America’s historic top-secret military aerospace testing facility have been posted at Terraserver. The base looks busier than ever, with no less than four “Janet” 737s and a turboprop on the terminal ramp. But the biggest change on base has to do with the new huge south-base hangar, which now appears nearly complete.

We’ve done two in-depth pieces discussing exactly what this new remote facility could be used for, or more importantly, what could it house.


Recently, Terraserver’s satellites picked up the RQ-170 Sentinel for the very first time, and there has also been some interesting action up at Tonopah Test Range Airport, showing a large gathering of people presumably inside one of the hangars, with a Black Hawk and C235 nearby. Could this have something to do with the stealth Black Hawks that have remained elusive since the famed Bin Laden raid four years ago?


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