Meet "The Game Plane." This new game show was filmed on Allegiant Air flights at cruising altitude earlier this year. It's part quiz show, part game-of-chance, and it all looks very cheesy. Contestants compete for cash and vacation prizes. Take a look at the preview below and decide for yourself.

The Game Plane website describes the game like this:

The Game Plane is the first game show to be filmed on real, regularly scheduled airline flights. On selected Allegiant Air flights, you will watch real passengers on a real flight playing for real cash and prizes. It is the most fun you've had on an airplane since....well, since your first flight....

To be chosen as a contestant for the show, passengers are each given a playing card. Then if their card is drawn during the flight, it's game on. They play games including a putting challenge called "Bye Bye Birdie." Putting a ball down the aisle of a plane during a flight seems like a pretty fun challenge. There's also a game called "How Smart is your Copilot" which tests your knowledge of your partner, a la "The Dating Game." Allegiant's VP of Business Development told USA Today that most "We like doing things differently and the majority of our passengers are going on vacation" so it made sense to host the game on an airline where people are already on their way to having fun.


Airlines are known for various PR stunts on board planes, such as concerts and fashion shows. It would probably be pretty cool to experience something like this while on a plane, but we'll have to see how well this translates to television. So far, 40 episodes have been filmed, and the premiere episode debuted Saturday (9/20). Check your local listings.


h/t Flyer Talk

Photos courtesy of Alpine Labs