Never Look At This Kevin Harvick Tweet Ever

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Unless you’re a podiatrist, or perhaps one of those people who revels in seeing gross stuff on the Internet, you might not want to look at this tweet by NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick. With that disclaimer, your own morbid curiosity is going to get the best of you and force you to look, right? Right. Here we go!

You see, driving a race car isn’t as simple as taking a few laps around the neighborhood to run some morning errands. Every creature comfort has been stripped out for fast, hot, nasty speed. Likewise, racing shoes tend to prioritize pedal feel over support and coziness. You’re there to drive fast, not to walk the mall with your fellow septuagenarians.


Thus, Harvick put out an Instagram PSA about exactly how driving a race car can wreck your feet:


That’s not so bad. Oh wait—

Egads, man.

[H/T Fox Sports!]