Geo… Oldsmobile… Saturn… Pontiac… and now the Saab marque has landed on The General's Death Row. But don't worry- that won't stop the scary-ass Saab zealots devoted Saab aficionados who race at the 24 Hours Of LeMons!

For the most part, racing a $500 Saab means spending a lot of time with the wrenches, bonding with one's teammates in a character-building exercise. If you can keep one running, it will get around the track in a hurry, though.

That's the great thing about the LeMons Saab racers; they'll do whatever it takes to keep their Swedish machines on the track, even if it means cannibalizing their daily drivers for parts (as happened at the "Demolition Derby LeMons" at Altamont in '07).


The folks from Saabs Gone Wild play a major role in Saab's high profile at LeMons events, showing up at races all over the country. Here we see some SGW teamwork at Altamont.


Which isn't to say that no Saab has ever held together for a full LeMons race; the 900 Turbo came in third at the South Spring '09 race, after leading for most of the weekend (black flags, not mechanical woes, kept it from the overall win).


The Boxwrench 900 Turbo took 5th place at the '08 Altamont race and 4th at the '09 Goin' For Broken race.

Why don't the Saab racers switch to an equally quick but more reliable brand, like Alfa Romeo? Because nothing on earth comes close to a Saab!