Never Forget The Goddamn Lotus Esprit

Photos credit: Justin Westbrook

Lotus built over 10,000 Lotus Esprits through nearly 30 years in a brave and generous effort to ensure it does not ever perish from this Earth.

In the sun, reflecting the red hue of a last-gen V8 Esprit, a Lamborghini Huracan is ashamed. The late-‘70s wedge design smeared its way into the early-naughts, producing a sort-of unfamiliar and nondescript shape that’s somehow timeless; the result of a slow progression through the decades, triggering an unintentional subconscious brainwashing that penetrated our deepest neural links, forging synapses in the ‘70s, ‘80s, 90's and naughts; a chemical reaction embedded in the minds of us all, snuggling a memory into our most abstract brain space and ensuring that we never forget the goddamn Lotus Esprit.


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