Neiman Marcus to sell ten special edition Ferrari FFs

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The world is sadly missing its Oleg Cassini Matadors and its Bill Blass Lincoln Continentals, but at least we have a Neiman Marcus Ferrari FF.

This year, if you're fast and you have the cash, you'll be able to order one of ten special-edition Ferrari FFs from the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. While you won't be getting gold trim or a custom velour interior, the FF will come with... special paint!


You also get a commemorative plaque in the interior, so that your golf partners/ski bunny buddies/mistress can marvel at your wealth and good taste. You'll also get Ferrari's seven-year maintenance plan, which will be good if you haven't traded the car for a 900 hp Bentley UltraHyperSports within a year or two. Finally, the car comes with an enrollment in the 2012 Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen, Colorado, which will be good training for future mistress escapades.

Ferrari and Neiman Marcus are keeping things exclusive by limiting sales to just ten examples, so we expect your manservant(s) to be dialing in to (800) 558-0022 at precisely 12:00 PM EDT on October 27th, when ordering opens up. Look for these cars to be shaming your Audis and Mercs at the country club parking lot starting next Spring.