We all do it, you know how it goes: "Oh man, I used to have an old Catalina, that was a great car man, I wish I had never sold it." Well, with the onset of baby boomer gentrification, the phenomenon is growing intense, so much so that a way to hunt down your old car has been created. The Lost Car Registry is just what it sounds like - a place to go to try and hunt down that old car you never quite got over selling.

Formatted as a sort of automotive lost and found, the site works by posting both 'lost' and 'found' listings. The people posting a found ad usually are interested in knowing more about the cars past or cussing out the previous owner for crappy wiring. The lost posts are looking to find that one in a million green Tempest with a notch in the steering wheel at 11 o'clock from that time Betsy slipped and her ring nicked it, or whatever. This is a pretty neat idea, and still free to all for the moment. Maybe the Lincoln will go up there as found so maybe we can reunite it with it's original carb. [Lost Car Registry]