So, up until about four minutes ago, we were very optimistic about NBC's upcoming coverage of Formula One.

But they've already messed up, and it hasn't even been on the TV yet. Great start!

In an article announcing the coverage on their website, NBC Sports has a picture from this weekend's Korean Grand Prix, with the grammatically awful caption "Sebastian Vettel at the South Korean F1 Grand Prix is just one of Formula One's worldwide events."


First off, that grammar is giving me a migraine. Try reading it three times without having some sort of mental panic attack. Secondly, that helmet doesn't belong to Vettel. It belongs to his teammate, Mark Webber.

Are we being pedantic? You bet your ass we are. Is it necessary? For nit picky F1 fans who get angry at just the slightest inaccurate statement, it certainly is.


(Hat Tip to @philgoodstory)
Image Credit: NBC Screenshot