National Geographic Ranks Le Mans As World's Greatest Sporting Event

In a recent list of the world's Ten Greatest Sporting Events, National Geographic ranked the 24 Hours Of Le Mans at number one. That's above the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the World Cup.

The World Cup, the most widely viewed sporting event in the world, might seem like a shoo-in, but National Geographic went with the French 24 hour endurance race that dates back to 1923.

Skill, speed, and stamina are the three s's that mark the world's best automobile race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The race, organized by Automobile Club de L'Ouest, bridges past and present on the automotive circuit.


While our friends at Gawker didn't even list automobile racing as a sports activity, we wholeheartedly agree with National Geographic championing Le Mans. We hope to find ourselves at the furiously loud, disorienting, mystical 24 hour race at the Circuit de la Sarthe as soon as possible.

(Hat Tip to: IEDEI!)

Photo Credit: Ker Robertson/Getty Images

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