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Finally, we know what NASCAR’s top-level series will be called next year. The series formerly known as Sprint Cup is now the MEN Cup. That’s right: the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. We’re going to call it MEN Cup for short for all the dude-bros out there wanting to get their oval racing fix.


NASCAR, which is unfortunately known for fans’ tendency to light any comment section on fire at the mere mention of Danica Patrick, reemphasized its holy place in the Dude Canon with a sick new Broseph Q. Brosenheimer-approved branding identity, unveiled today.


NASCAR’s new logo is distinctively lo-fi, hearkening back to a 1990s Sega game you schooled your lame neighbor at. Naturally, it fits well with new top-series title sponsor and official drink of “I can blow sweet vape rings” Monster Energy’s black and neon green color scheme.

Like Monster’s distinctive “M,” I’m sure this new logo will look a lot better plastered on the windows lifted brodozers everywhere than it does anywhere else. The MEN Cup’s new branding was featured on a field of fake carbon fiber for its unveiling, a fine material beloved by WRX-owning Cars & Coffee trolls.

For continuity’s sake, I suppose it’s for the best that “Cup” is in its top series somewhere, even if it is a safe and predictable choice. This new name just has so many words compared to “Sprint Cup.” We’re infinitely thankful that we can just call it the MEN Cup instead, so long as we don’t have to write a “Why Are There So Few Women In NASCAR?” piece for a little while.

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