NASCAR's Seemingly Endless Kyle Busch Versus Joey Logano Feud Is Now A T-Shirt

The “deal with it” meme brought to life in human form. GIF via Drunk_Mercenary

One thing is constant in life: if there is a way to translate something into a merchandising or sponsorship opportunity, NASCAR will do it. Behold the t-shirt born of the greatest motorsport interview in years, in which Kyle Busch answered every question with some variation of “Everything is great.”


Busch tried to start a post-race fight with Joey Logano after the two collided on the last lap of the Cup Series race in Las Vegas nearly two weeks ago. Logano seems to have dropped the issue and moved on as best he can, but Busch has continued his somewhat hilarious campaign of trolling Logano over the wreck.

The most recent example of “Kyle Busch just won’t let this go,” of course, are the t-shirts made with Busch’s lone answer to every question asked after NASCAR sat Busch and Logano down together to talk out the incident. Not only is it a reference to Busch’s hilarious Marshawn Lynch-style interview, but they’re priced at $22—for the No. 22 that Logano drives in the Cup Series, of course.

Proceeds go to the Kyle Busch Foundation, which empowers those in need in times of hardship, per Racer. At least Busch is trolling for a good cause.

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