NASCAR Transformers: How Michael Bay Will Ruin Another Movie

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Transformers 2 was a nonsensical train wreck. Cast and crew promised the next would be better (possibly even scripted!). Well, the NASCAR vehicles in Jalopnik-reader Dylan's Transformers 3 set photos indicate otherwise. Maybe they'll only fight while turning left.


Yes, we ran set photos from Transformers 3 filming in Chicago earlier, but they didn't include the horror of NASCAR vehicles on set. As we all know, the way for alien robots to be inconspicuous in a major urban area is to hide in plain sight disguised as brightly painted race cars. We're counting at least three different cars, which means maybe they'll be a deliciously stereotyped trio of hilarious redneck robots. Hey, it worked with knock-down, drag-out, smack-you-in-the-face funny stereotypes of black people in the form of the Beat and Trax twins from TF2.

Just think of the marketing machine that'll crank up when these these bad boys hit the silver screen. NASCAR and Transformers, together at last, pummeling you into a whimpering heap of consumer submission. (Thanks for the pictures Dylan)

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