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NASCAR Team Picks Bad Week To Endorse Trump For 'Godly Values'

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Austin Self, a driver in the NASCAR Truck Series, and the team he races for, AM Racing, jointly announced their endorsement of pus-filled cheesecloth Donald Trump on Thursday. The team especially noted his push for “godly values.” In an unrelated story, video emerged today of Trump saying he likes to grab women “by the pussy.”


Trump shares Self’s way of seeing things, the team announced in a press release issued Thursday:

“This will be the first presidential election I’ve been old enough to take part in,” Self said. “Politics has never really been that important to me until now — but now more than ever, we need change. Trump and his values are in line with my beliefs.”


But it really was Trump’s godliness—nay, his holiness—that drew in AM Racing:

“We have to get God back into our lives and rebuild out country on a foundation of Godly values,” said Tim Self, AM Racing’s team owner.

“Trump’s actions indicate that he will push public policy in that direction. Jerry Falwell, Jr., Franklin Graham, and our good friend Dr. James Dobson have faith in Trump. He is our guy. Hopefully the Trump/Pence Truck will make a small difference. It represents our family and friends doing our part.”

Tim Self is also Austin Self’s father. The Trump/Pence 2016-festooned AM Racing truck will debut on October 22nd at the Fred’s Pharmacy 250 race.

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Self is not the first NASCAR driver to endorse Trump, that honor going to goateed human being Korbin Forrister, who jumped on the Trump Train way back in July of 2015. The CEO of NASCAR, Brian France, has also endorsed Trump, though he doesn’t seem to fully understand what that means.

Trump, in a video recorded in 2005, said that his strategy for seducing women involved furniture shopping and “mov[ing] on her like a bitch.”

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So another semi-literate redneck is actively voting against his own interests.