NASCAR Sprint Cup Contender Martin Truex Jr. Is On Fire (Literally)

Martin Truex Jr. is the ultimate underdog story. He drives for a modest one-car Sprint Cup team. This is the farthest he’s ever made it in NASCAR’s playoff-style Chase for the Sprint Cup. And now, the man is just on fire. Nah, dude. Like, literally on fire.


You have to hand it to Truex and his crew: they just keep on doing their jobs like nothing’s even on fire. The small fire, caused by sparks from the lugnuts igniting the fuel per a tweet from Truex’s Furniture Row Racing team, puts itself out as he drives away.

Even the radio discussion afterwards was super chill.

Truex asked, “Had a fire there, huh?” to which his crew chief Cole Pearn responded “10-4 on that, probably not going to be full [of gas] here.”


It’s fuel that’s the primary concern, not the fire. Truex had to pit a little earlier than he wanted, but it all worked out: he started in first position on the last restart.

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