NASCAR Race Car Gets Hit In A Spin, Drives Into Pits, Then Catches Fire

Kenny Habul’s flaming car caused a red flag towards the end of today’s NASCAR Xfinity Zippo 200. Driving into the pit lane after that kind of hit (at a race sponsored by lighters, no less) around all the fuel and such proves that your car is tough, sure, but doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Here’s the mayhem that move caused after the car caught on fire in the pits with six laps to go.


Brendan Gaughan (who had just been involved with another hard hit where Regan Smith went into the wall!) made contact with Habul, sending Habul’s car into a spin, and then Ryan Reed hit Habul’s spinning car, chewing up Habul’s entire front end.

Habul’s car made a gigantic mess in the pits when he pulled in with his busted vehicle, caught fire as he was pulling into his pit stall.


Try our new Zippo “race sponsorship” lighter! Works like a charm.


Clean-up naturally involved a metric (because this is that fancy left-and-right racing, you know) crap-ton of oil dry.

Fortunately, no one appears to have been seriously injured in either the wreck itself or the pit lane fire.


[Correction: it was Reed, not Gaughan who hit Habul’s car in a spin. This has been corrected above.]

Photo credit: NASCAR on NBC

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