NASCAR Penalizes Penske Team For Unapproved Parts

The Penske Racing team was hit by some pretty severe penalties today following Saturday's NRA 500 that also dropped drivers Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano in the rankings.

According to the AP, the team's cars were running parts that had not been approved by NASCAR officials. Seven crew members — four for Keselowski and three for Logano — were suspended, and the two drivers were docked 25 points each. This drops Keselowski from second place in points to fourth and Logano from ninth to 14th.


NASCAR officials confiscated rear suspension parts from the two cars prior to the race in Fort Worth on Saturday afternoon, leading to an on-camera venting session by a visibly-annoyed Keselowski who said he felt like the team was being unfairly targeted.

The penalties likely made for a bittersweet day for Keselowski, who also got to hang out at the White House and chill with President Obama.


The Penske team said they will appeal the ruling.

Photo credit Getty Images

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