NASCAR On Fights: ‘We Don’t Encourage It’

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Gif: NBC Sports Network

NASCAR does not encourage fights, executive Steve O’Donnell has said on behalf of the sanctioning body multiple times. It does not encourage them at all. People even get suspended! (Well, in the fight between Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin over the weekend, a crew member got suspended, not Logano or Hamlin.)

But you better believe NASCAR doesn’t encourage fights. Why would it?

Fighting, after all, will almost certainly get you in trouble in the real world, where you’re not a highly successful and wealthy sports star. Therefore, it is not encouraged.

Logano told Autosport that he probably shouldn’t have shoved Hamlin before the fight, as children probably saw that and children shouldn’t bear witness to how fights begin, as that could be considered a form of encouragement. Surely, NASCAR would agree.


Below is NASCAR, even, asserting that fights are bad and it does not encourage them! See?

Nope, no encouragement here.

Fighting is bad!

NASCAR would like to remind you, once again, that it doesn’t encourage fights in any way, shape or form.


Don’t fight with your fists. Don’t fight with your Fun Bops. Don’t fight on your internet gaming streams. Don’t even fight with your action figures from childhood.

Just don’t fight, OK? It isn’t encouraged.