NASCAR Is Going To NBC In 2015

NBC just got the rights to air NASCAR and the Nationwide Series starting in 2015. With F1 on their roster, too, it looks like NBC will be the home of American car enthusiasts who don't watch everything on their computers.

The fundamentals of the NASCAR-on-NBC deal are as follows.

  • The deal runs from 2015 through 2024.
  • Air rights for the last 20 Sprint Cup races are exclusive to NBC, including the 10 final Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup races.
  • FOX gets 13 of the 36 total Sprint Cup races exclusively. Three races are up for grabs.
  • Air rights to the final 19 Nationwide races are exclusive to NBC.
  • ESPN's deal is done.
  • Seven of the Sprint Cup races will be on NBC, 13 will be on NBC Sports.
  • Four of the 19 Nationwide races will be on NBC, and 15 will be on NBC Sports.
  • No word on who gets to keep the thermal camera, which brought us the crazy image above.

Well, I guess this truly marks the end of SPEED, aka the Nascar Channel. It's going to be Fox Sports 1, and I suppose it means the world will be spared of a network airing R U Faster Than A Redneck 24/7.

Photo Credit: NASCAR on FOX

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