NASCAR Finally Limits Top-Level Sprint Cup Drivers Racing In Lower Series

Sprint Cup driver Kyle Busch winning an Xfinity Series race (again). Photo credit: Jason Hanna/Getty Images
Sprint Cup driver Kyle Busch winning an Xfinity Series race (again). Photo credit: Jason Hanna/Getty Images

NASCAR’s lower-tier Xfinity and Camping World races are theoretically designed to feature up-and-coming talent, but are frustratingly often won by top-level Sprint Cup champs like Kyle Busch. Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but NASCAR is finally fixing it.


NASCAR laid down some limits on lower-series participation by its most experienced drivers today, per a statement on the series’ website. Sprint Cup drivers with over five years of full-time experience can only race in 10 Xfinity Series events and seven Camping World Truck Series events a year.

They’re also prohibited from participating in those two lower series’ final eight events of the year (which includes the regular season finale plus seven championship-determining Chase races in both series), plus all four events of Xfinity’s Dash 4 Cash.


Of course, this doesn’t apply to drivers with fewer than five years experience, so talented dudes like Kyle Larson may become the new name winning week-in and week-out. Still, it’s a start!

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Scott Swenson

Yeh, it used to be different when drivers like Mark Martin would dip into Busch NG for a handful of races a year, gave the regulars of the series a chance to run door-to-door with the best of the best. At the same time, there were long time BNG drivers who were no slouches - Elton Sawyer, Sam Ard, Jack Ingram, Tommy Houston, Randy LaJoie, etc.

Now, you have someone with the talent of Shrub coming into the series and running away with the field, there’s not much for the ‘learning class’ to learn, except how to lose...and the entire non-Sprint driver field is all the learning class. BGN used to be a great series all on its own, now I consider it Sprint Lite. When I want to see some serious oval racing, bring on the modifieds and the Supers...

Speaking of the ‘lower classes,’ ever thought of a piece or pieces on some of the greats like Teddy Christopher, Richie Evans, Andy Santerre, Jeff Fuller, “Magic Shoes” Mike McLaughlin, Stub Fadden, Butch Miller, Brad Leighton, “Dyno Dave” Dion, Dale Shaw, Kelly Moore, Mike Stefanik, Eddie Flemke, or Reggie Ruggiero?