This one is particularly terrible. The race would have ended anyway because of nightfall and the lack of lights at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but that’s beside the point and the caution should have been thrown long before the line:

Moving the overtime line wasn’t the best solution NASCAR could have come up with, which would have been to get rid of the line altogether and go back to the green-white-checkered format. It takes out the steady, predictable line factor and goes back to the old way of doing things.


It isn’t easy to admit when you’re wrong, but at least NASCAR’s moving in the right direction here. Giving the field a longer rope before hitting the overtime line will hopefully make some of the issues with earlier wrecks go away, but it’d be a stupid bet to say we’ll never have this type of controversy happen again.

Either way, this is a rules change for the better. Chin up! It’s a good day!