Seems like there are often NASCAR drivers in the pits and standing trackside at Supercross events, but this Saturday the two will pair for their first official partnership. And of course they’re making Danica hold the 30-second board.

This week, Supercross takes place at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, and fans will get a special treat before the 450 class last chance qualifier. Greg Biffle, Clint Bowyer, Ty Dillon, and Ricky Stenhouse will compete to see who’s the fastest on two wheels with a race to the holeshot line. (For you non-Supercross fans, the holeshot is the exit of the first turn.)


To complete the NASCAR infusion, Danica Patrick will hold the 30-second race-countdown board (no word yet if they’ll make her wear one of those terrible Monster outfits), and Jimmie Johnson will drop the start gate.

The best part is I don’t even expect these guys to suck. First, all motorsports guys are usually at least capable on anything, but for some reason NASCAR guys love Supercross. Secondly, these guys are racers and this is a race. As Clint Bower put it in a news release:

“My family traveled the country for many years chasing amateur national championships, and I’ve been a lifelong fan of Supercross. I actually went out and bought a bike to practice for this, and I hope some of those old reflexes come out to shine this Saturday night.”

Tune in Saturday night for the race and see who takes the holeshot and if someone can figure out a way to beat Dungey again.

Thanks for the tip Andy!

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