Juan Montoya drives the number 42 Chevy for Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing in NASCAR. This weekend, he has a new sponsor. That sponsor is adult diaper maker Depend. This is gold.

Here's why Depend will sponsor JPM this weekend. Normally, Montoya is sponsored by the Target chain of retail stores. Target is one of the smarter sponsors in the racing business, and they offer a racing program to their suppliers. Entry into that program, plus an extra dollar spend, will get them one race as the primary sponsor of a car.

They do it in both NASCAR and IndyCar, which is why sometimes you'll see the Target car and other times it'll be a Polaroid car, Gillette car, or some other product that Target frequently sells. This week, Depend paid the extra bit and they're on the car.

So, if Montoya crashes this weekend, like he did at Daytona last year, he won't have to hold anything in. With the security and protection that Depend provides, he can feel free to unleash all his fear right there, in the car, and not worry about damaging his race suit or causing those around him to suspect anything is up. It's the right sponsor for a racer.