NASCAR Analyst Kenny Wallace Teaches Us All The Best Way To Use A Drive-Thru

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When a NASCAR race weekend rolls around, the haulers are part of the show as well—whether it be spotting them on the highway or in the hauler parade into the race track. In those cases, bigger and fancier tends to be better. But there’s one thing large haulers can’t do, which is use the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

According to Fox Sports, fans often ask NASCAR analyst Kenny Wallace—who used to frequent NASCAR’s top three series, but now spends his time at dirt tracks across the country—why he doesn’t have a larger hauler to take his race cars from track to track. The answer wasn’t money or humble roots, but rather the fact that those gargantuan things can’t fit in the drive-thru.

The excitement Wallace had about taking the hauler to the McDonald’s window a few days ago is unmatched, despite the fact that it wasn’t a total success—the hauler was still so large that he had to get out of it in order to reach the window. But it doesn’t really matter how you get there, as long as you do:

There doesn’t appear to be anyone in line after the hauler, which is probably a good thing. Wallace’s Facebook post that goes along with the video says he’s been waiting to go through the drive-thru with his hauler for 10 years, and it’s obvious that he’s savoring the moment.


It’s cheap, abundant entertainment since there are dollar menus everywhere. That’s the best kind.