Name That Car!

Time to flex those brain cells and see if you can guess today's car before the jump. The picture gives a big hint, letting you know that it's a Deluxe. The question is; a Deluxe what?

Did you get it? Here's another hint- it's a really light car, built by a really heavy company.


That's right, It's a Subaru 360, and it's O-Kei! The diminutive dynamo was the first mass produced auto from Fuji Heavy Industries and represented Malcolm Bricklin's first venture into the car importing business. That's a lot of firsts for a car that would inevitably bring up the rear in any contest of hoonerism.

Japanese Kei car regulations imposed engine size limitations, and the Subie 360 is one of the limited-est. The two-stroke 360 cc twin is fashioned after a DKW design, and since it only generates about 24 horsepower you never have to fear from acceleration-induced neck injuries.


Since it was Bricklin importing the cars and not Subaru, parts and service were hard to come by, and while about 10,000 were brought over via carrier pigeon, they moldered on dealer lots, and the whole import venture was put out of its misery when Fuji Heavy Industries ended 360 production in 1970.


Today, the 360 has a small (helpful considering an overall length shorter than a Caddy's wheelbase) following, and, like the Citroën 2CV and Birkenstocks, provides economical and eclectic transportation even today.


Hat tip to Damnelantra for his most excellent camera work.

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