Naked man stands on record player on highway after car crash

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A man driving along Interstate 78 in eastern Pennsylvania early last week lost control of his 2005 Toyota Corolla, hit the concrete barrier in the median, bumped another car and a semi before finally stopping. Then he stripped off his clothes and stood on a record player.

There's a typical Pennsylvania strangeness to the accident last week that escalated when the man hopped out of his Corolla, removed his clothing, and stood naked atop a record player in the median before unsuccessfully attempting to flee the crash scene on foot. It's unclear where a deranged naked man on the side of a highway would procure a record player, but it beats standing on an iPod.


State police have charged the amateur performance artist with an impressive list of crimes including open lewdness, resisting arrest, accidents involving damage and driving under the influence.

And you thought Corolla drivers were boring.