Naked Lady Survives Car Crash, Thanks God with Butt

Philadelphia police arrived on the scene of a car crash to discover the female driver naked, dancing, and performing downward dogs while hollering, "I'm free! I'm free! Thank you, God!" Video is somewhat NSFW.


She was not free for long. As the local Fox News affiliate reports:

It is unclear if the woman was naked as she drove the car, or whether she took her clothes off after the accident, and before she was apprehended by police.

No word on the status of the pedestrian she hit with her car. A giggling bystander shot the above video and titled it, "Things that go down in Philly." He addresses the woman, "You're going to be on World Star Hip-Hop." [Buzzfeed, My Fox Philly]

Update: YouTube removed the original video! Here's a copy of it.



That's such awful camerawork. One, landscape mode, as others have noted. Two, the lighting is terrible, she's backlit most of the time. Three, why does he keep cutting to the accident, nothing's happening there.

Also, did the cops really tazer her? Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, they're tazering everybody out here!