If you were around Anaheim this past Saturday, and heard a series of rapidly pattering footsteps and then a loud crash, like a bag of ground beef flung at a window, don't worry. It was just some naked guy running full speed into some cars. Whew! You must feel relieved.


After the 21-year old man, identified as Garrett Smith, body-smashed that Mazda's window, he then charged at and leapt on the hood of the car in the next parking space, a car that was being driven by a neighbor. Here's how she described it:

"That's when he jumped on my vehicle. Whole body in the front of my windshield," said Vidrio, who was terrified and stepped on the gas.

"Once I turned and bumped into my neighbor's van, that's when I saw the guy flying off the car," she said.

Vidrio said she slammed into a wall, which was the only way she knew to shake him off her vehicle.

I'm not sure her speed-up-and-slam-into-a-wall method is the one suggested by flinging-a-guy-off-your-hood experts, but it essentially did the job. Smith was apprehended nearby and taken to the hospital, for fairly obvious reasons.

It's not clear why this man decided to charge at cars while naked. I'd like to believe there's a perfectly rational explanation that will make us all nod our heads and say "oh, yeah, I get it," but I suspect this man has some pretty significant demons to confront.


Here's the full video report, from a Los Angeles CBS affiliate:

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