For the first time, we've failed to get a winner on the first day of an Identify This Car contest, so now we go into Day Two! We figured the last one was too easy (though it was shocking how many readers could ID the fairly uncommon MGC-GT so fast), so we've made the challenge a little tougher this time around. Still, we're not sadists, and we do want one of you to claim the prize, so jump like a hooned RX-1 for a hint about this car's country of origin...


This car is from Europe! We're not saying what nation, or even Eastern versus Western side of the Iron Curtain, but we've narrowed it down quite a bit. We fully expect to have a winner for the amazing prize today, given the incredible depth and breadth of car knowledge among our readers. For those of you who missed it yesterday, the prize is...


Yes, it's a genuine Visible Mazda Rotary model kit, in 1/5 scale! The spark plugs light up! The fan spins! The Wankel magic happens right before your eyes! The transmission... doesn't shift (but the shift lever apparently serves as the on/off switch)! We all built the Visible V8 kit when we were kids (I combined mine with the Visible Man kit, so my V8 had internal organs on the cylinder heads), but how many of us had the rotary version? Now you can! All you need to do is be first to nail down the year, make, and model of the car in the photo up top. Is there any connection between the Mystery Car and the prize? Maybe, maybe not. All we'll say is that it's a car from a manufacturer you're all familiar with and leave the rest up to you.

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