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Mysterious Mid-Engined Honda Sports Car Revealed In Patent Drawings

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Since we are looking at the patent drawing of a mid-engined Honda that’s smaller than the 2016 Acura NSX, could this be the S2000 successor of our dreams? Probably not.

A rumor has been circulating for years that Honda wants to build a successor to the S2000 that’s going to be lighter and cheaper to fight the Miata, but what this latest leak reveals is more of a bastard child of the NSX and Honda’s amazing baby roadster, the S660, with some additional bits from the 2013 FCEV hydrogen sedan concept.


Either way, Dutch car site De Telegraaf Autovisie reports that the patent was registered May 27 and the images were released today by the US Patent Office.


Whatever this is Honda, we want it almost as much as to see a mid-engined Alpine that can kick a Porsche Cayman’s butt, so get cracking!

Photo credit: Honda via US Patent Office via De Telegraaf. Hat tip to Bart!

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