'MY RIMS!!!' Is Still A Wonderful Classic Street Racing Fail

Ah, street racing. It’s bad and stupid and can lead to tragic consequences for all involved. But sometimes it leads to hilarious divine justice for the people who try it, like this internet gem from way way back in 2003.


This video’s a classic but it’s been making the rounds again on r/cars, and I figure the weekend is a great time to enjoy it once more. In it, we see a guy and his buddy (I can’t even tell what car they’re in from this footage; some kind of Honda?) who try to race some women in another car at a light.

They narrowly “win” after the other car seemingly backs off, but then the guy loses control and crashes full-on into what appears to be a concrete median. His reactions— “MY RIMS!!!”, “WE GOTTA CALL MY DAD,” and “THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING TO ME”—are perfect.

As someone who knows all too well the shame of crashing a car on camera, I can sort of feel this guy’s pain. But only sort of. I have no real sympathy for street racers, and neither should any of you.

Take it to the track. It’s a more interesting place to crash anyway.

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John Holmes

2003...Back in the days of The Fast and The Furious hype.