Illustration for article titled “My GF Wont Let Me Spend My Money On A New Engine Until My Motor Is Dead”

If that's not the best (worst?) opening line for a forum thread, then we don't know what is. Can you guess what's next? Yep, incompetent attempts to destroy said motor using rocks and antifreeze.


my gf wont let me spend my money on a new engine until my motor is dead so i was wondering how can i mess up my 02 spec v engine...

i already tried dropping rocks down the sparkplug hole and flooding the pistons with water and anti freeze...

need it dead by tonight and cant be driving for the

Now, in the interest of being gentlemen, let's ignore the whole creepy girlfriend as babysitter/boyfriend as manchild thing (yes, she does apparently drive him around while his license is suspended, thinks the young man in question should pay off those fines before buying a carbon fiber hood and a new engine and does, apparently, know enough about cars that he can't fake the engine destruction) and focus instead on the elaborate attempts to destroy the 2002 Nissan Sentra SpecV's QR25DE. Luckily, there's video.


Can anyone help this totally respectable young man destroy his seemingly bullet rock proof engine? []

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