My Ferrari! My Jaguar! My Corvette! My Anteros! Coachbuilt Roadster, Targa Coupe Coming to SEMA

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Building slinky sports cars over Corvette running gear is only a new concept if your idea of state-of-the-art couture is wearing pastel shirts under white linen suits. Any gearhead worth his obsession remembers the early seasons of "Miami Vice" were marked by the presence of a faux Ferrari Daytona body atop a C3 platform. Now, coachworks Anteros Marketing is introducing three new models based on the Corvette C6 (or Z06): the XTM Roadster, XTS Targa and XTR Hardtop. The three cars, versions of a body design recalling Brits and Italians in equal measure, feature carbon fiber engine covers, inner fenders, electric bonnet, and a custom leather interior. Anteros's charter is to recreate and interpret classic sportscar coachbuilding, and it would appear they're doing so — by way of late-1970s kit cars (not that there's anything wrong with that). [Gallery]

[via Winding Road]

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Apparently, the art of "rear end" design is dead.

I thought the regular slab-backed C6 ass-end was ugly enough. It always looked to me like it had been caught in an elevator door and truncated.

This is at least an attempt at putting the curves back in, but it still misses the mark.

Ever since Bangle started adding odd character lines to the trunkside of the 7 series, it seems noone has been able to really nail the rear-3/4 view. Where have the luxurious curves of the RX-7 or the classic four-eyes of the 550 Maranello gone?

Its a shame...