My Ferrari! My Jaguar! My Corvette! My Anteros! Coachbuilt Roadster, Targa Coupe Coming to SEMA

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Building slinky sports cars over Corvette running gear is only a new concept if your idea of state-of-the-art couture is wearing pastel shirts under white linen suits. Any gearhead worth his obsession remembers the early seasons of "Miami Vice" were marked by the presence of a faux Ferrari Daytona body atop a C3 platform. Now, coachworks Anteros Marketing is introducing three new models based on the Corvette C6 (or Z06): the XTM Roadster, XTS Targa and XTR Hardtop. The three cars, versions of a body design recalling Brits and Italians in equal measure, feature carbon fiber engine covers, inner fenders, electric bonnet, and a custom leather interior. Anteros's charter is to recreate and interpret classic sportscar coachbuilding, and it would appear they're doing so — by way of late-1970s kit cars (not that there's anything wrong with that). [Gallery]

[via Winding Road]

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