We were a little perplexed yesterday by the lack of cat scratching over engines when it came to the Charger/Challenger challenge. As we mentioned in the feature, our hands were up in the air and our shoulders shrugged. How do you choose? On the one hand you have mega-displacement in the form of the 440 Six Pack, which every pistonhead worth his salt knows there is no displacement for. On the other, what's 14 cubic inches? Besides that, like, Hemi! Besides sounding potent, all that complicated valve stem/rocker arm tomfoolery and massive cylinder heads make the Hemi 426 look bigger than any other engine (except for the 5.3-liter Jaguar V12, which is the most gigantic thing we've ever seen stuffed in an engine bay). Anyhow, Murilee and I were discussing the various merits and demerits of each and we reached the conclusion that you kind-hearted folks, our rabid dear readers, would have a whole hell of a lot to sayr. So, go for it.

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