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We all make New Year’s resolutions and we rarely stick to them. Mostly because our resolutions are for un-fun things like losing weight or saving more money. But what if we made a resolution about cars! That is something we can accomplish. Too bad mine sucks.


This is going to sound weird coming from someone that works for one of the largest car websites in the world, but my resolution is to drive more cars. Because I’m a freelancer, I don’t get access to a press car every week nor do I want the responsibility of managing those vehicles. I’ll leave that to the big shots. But I sometimes get opportunities to drive some cool cars and for whatever reason either due to timing or logistics, I don’t follow through.

This year, I’m going to change that. There is a local body shop whose owner has a Mercedes SL65 Black Series. At least, it sure looks like one. I know they are super rare, but this dude has the means to make it happen if he wanted one. That is such a badass car. Now there is no guarantee he will let me get behind the wheel, but who knows, I’ve got nothing to lose by asking.


There is also a Jalop reader and Opponaut who used work less than five minutes from me who was nice enough to let me take a brand new M4 out for a spin when they first arrived at his dealership. He has an E30 M3 that is definitely on my bucket list.

So yeah, driving more cars might seem kind of lame, but it’s a goal that I’m confident I can accomplish. What automotive related resolution do you have planned for 2017? I bet it’s a lot better than mine.

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