My Aston Martin Lagonda

Well, it wasn't exactly mine, but this white Aston Martin Lagonda haunted me for the two years I lived in Chicago. Living in the Yuppie Lake View neighborhood, the most interesting car I'd usually see was a Canadian Civic, which made the sight of this bright white English saloon amidst the Jettas and Pilots so memorable. The first time I saw it, I stood and marveled at it for longer than I can remember, taking in the unusual proportions of William Towns' "folded paper" design. I was determined to grab my camera and come back the next day to get photos of it and, perhaps, track down the owner. Alas, each time I went back it was gone. I'd see its reflection in a building, turn, and find nothing. Going north down Clark Street I'd see it going south. Little did I expect that I'd have to go to Houston to find it.
Actually, I didn't find it. Ian Merritt, from Kicking Tires, was working on a story when he, too, was called away by the sight of all 17+ feet of Lagondaness. Fortunately, Ian always has a camera with him. Unaware that I had spent more than a year stalking it, Ian sent the pictures over thinking we'd enjoy them. The plates on the car were blurred but I had memorized the custom inscription. I emailed Ian. Was this SALIVA? It was! So, with an assist from our buddies at, here are some great photos of this ridiculous and wonderful car.


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