My Aston Martin Lagonda

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Well, it wasn't exactly mine, but this white Aston Martin Lagonda haunted me for the two years I lived in Chicago. Living in the Yuppie Lake View neighborhood, the most interesting car I'd usually see was a Canadian Civic, which made the sight of this bright white English saloon amidst the Jettas and Pilots so memorable. The first time I saw it, I stood and marveled at it for longer than I can remember, taking in the unusual proportions of William Towns' "folded paper" design. I was determined to grab my camera and come back the next day to get photos of it and, perhaps, track down the owner. Alas, each time I went back it was gone. I'd see its reflection in a building, turn, and find nothing. Going north down Clark Street I'd see it going south. Little did I expect that I'd have to go to Houston to find it.
Actually, I didn't find it. Ian Merritt, from Kicking Tires, was working on a story when he, too, was called away by the sight of all 17+ feet of Lagondaness. Fortunately, Ian always has a camera with him. Unaware that I had spent more than a year stalking it, Ian sent the pictures over thinking we'd enjoy them. The plates on the car were blurred but I had memorized the custom inscription. I emailed Ian. Was this SALIVA? It was! So, with an assist from our buddies at, here are some great photos of this ridiculous and wonderful car.


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Rob Emslie

One at Monterey was for sale. Asking $164,000 for the pig. BRG with a white pimp interior. These are dramatic in a kind of WTF way, and the electronics were made by leprechauns out of Unicorn horn and Democrats dreams.

Needless to say, they're a bear to keep running. I've never driven one, but have been told they have more creaks and groans than the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland (the one at DisneyWorld apparently has more). Still, wouldn't mind having one for the weekend. And then giving it back on Monday morning, likely on the back of a flatbed.