Mustang Moron Blocks Traffic To Do Donuts On A Causeway

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Doing donuts in a car is one of the highest forms of humankind’s interactions with the physical world. It’s a delicate dance of form and shape, of machine and biology, of rubber and asphalt. That said, if you do them in the middle of a busy bridge and cause an enormous traffic jam, you’re a jackass who’s going to ruin it for everybody. Like these dipshits in (of course) Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Here’s a video of the event, where you can see the red donut-and-burnout performing Mustang, right in front of a crew of people taking videos on their phones, and a massive line of needlessly stationary traffic piling up behind them on the Southeast 17th Street bridge:

This is all so idiotic. If they wanted to do some donuts and burnouts, why didn’t they just find a parking lot somewhere? There’s so much more useful room in an empty parking lot, and so many more people could have witnessed the goings-on.


A bridge or causeway or whatever this is is possibly the worst possible location to pull this manner of shit. It makes everyone who’s even remotely interested in cars look bad because it’s dangerous and, even worse, annoyingly and deeply inconvenient to all those drivers stuck behind the tire-sacrificing morons on the bridge.

Videos showing the event from right next to the car appeared on the Instagram account of the Street Life Car Club, which has set its account to private. Local 10 News in Ft. Lauderdale reports that a red Mustang matching the car in the video was pulled over shortly after the event, doing similar things in the car, and ticketed for reckless driving.


Look, everyone enjoys a good tire-destroying donut every now and then. But if you’re doing them on a bridge and blocking traffic for at least hundreds of people, you’re an asshole. So knock it off.