Mustang-Loving Kid Pulled Over For Speeding Has Worst Day Ever

Speeding tickets are about as much fun as a combination math test and root canal. This teen with the Sith-style Mustang was pulled over in Montgomery County, Texas, and managed to have an already lousy situation get much worse. Though it could have been much worse still, thanks to a pickup driver who spilled a drink in his lap.

Here's what happened. Kid was speeding, kid gets pulled over, kid talks with cop. So far so normal. As the cop is running the Mustang driver's license, doing the paperwork, maybe having a snack, the kid is out with the car he clearly loves, wiping it down with a cloth and giving it a little casual inspection.

Then a truck hits it.

Yep, a white pickup comes flying out of nowhere and sideswipes the Mustang. Luckily, no one was standing in the truck's path, and the Mustang owner's look of shocked incredulity is actually a bit more composed than you'd expect. According to Montgomery County Police, the truck driver veered after spilling his 32 ounce Coke into his lap. Oh, and he had no insurance, either on his truck nor his 32-ounce Coke. Always get spillage insurance on any drink over 16 ounces, people.


That's a really shitty day for the Mustang owner. Sorry, guy. Here's hoping you have good insurance.

UPDATE: Even though the original article states the stop was for speeding, the full report states a bit more detail:

At about 2:30 p.m. on June 20, 2014 Montgomery County Precinct 2 Deputy Constable Tim Shackalford was on routine patrol on FM 3083 near four corners when he spotted a Mustang speeding the opposite direction. Shackleford turned around on the vehicle which had already pulled to the shoulder when he saw the emergency lights on the patrol car come on. A pickup which had been very close to the Mustang almost rear ended it when the Mustang driver stopped. When the deputy approached the Mustang driver he was informed that the truck which had been following so close had passed on the right earlier and thrown a beer bottle at his passenger door. The deputy got his drivers license and told him to wait as he tried to locate the truck.

(Thanks, Jeffrey!)

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