Mustang Forums Trolled With Hilarious Results

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Internet trolling is a delicate art. The best examples require a balance of breathtaking ignorance, feigned indignant outrage plus a sprinkling of implied insults to the forum faithful. Sorry Mustang Forums, you've just been trolled.


Forums being tight-knit internet communities, it takes a certain caliber of bait in order to raise the ire of members. The following is an excellent example taken directly from Mustang Forums and leads off twenty five pages of responses ranging from outrage to nod-nod wink-wink amusement.

I'm done with this car!
My car was idling like crap the other day so I figured since I just got it, it may have been awhile since anyone changed the oil out. I decided to go ahead and change the oil. I used Mobile 1 synthentic oil like I was reccomended on here. Anyways, I drain out the oil and noticed it was extremely dark and even after 10 minutes of draining, it was still coming out. I decided to go ahead and flush it to make sure all the bad stuff got out. I hooked up the hose, ran water through the engine, started it up and was waiting for the water to come out clean (The engine never went above idle so I was told this would be ok). Anyways, About 3 minutes into this, then engine starts shaking and shuts off. I figured it was all cleaned out so I plugged it up, added the oil and figured I was ready to go. WRONG! The car won't freaking start now. This car has been nothing but trouble for me, I think I am done with it.

Bravo sir, that is some Grade A trolling. Adding insult to injury, the poster claims to have done this to a 1994 Mustang Cobra, which, in the Mustang community would stand as a grand offense. Heck, it would be a pretty serious offense here. As any good troll does, this one stokes the fire with earnest responses. Head over and enjoy the firestorm this guy created. If nothing else it serves as a hilarious warning to be ever vigilant for troll kind. [Mustang Forums]



I tried to hang out in a couple forums but the "U R A NOOB" stuff gets old really fast. Seems they let anybody on the Internet these days. Back in the late 80's and early 90's the chat rooms were all the rage. And then kids started getting computers. Kids fuck up everything. Get off my lawn!