The last place you want to crash your vehicle is in front of a bunch of fellow car enthusiasts. Or a police officer. Or both. But that’s just what some people go out and do, messing up a perfectly good Cars and Coffee event while they’re at it.

According to the video description on YouTube, this Ford Mustang driver took a skid off of the road while at the Dallas Cars and Coffee event over the weekend. The poster said the Mustang ran off the road as it and other cars made their way out of the show, and “almost hit [him] as [he] was chilling” in the audience.


While we can’t confirm the driver got in any serious trouble in the video above, a cop siren starts up almost immediately after the Mustang runs off the road. The video later shows an officer pull up to the scene, while our enthusiastic camera holder yells out, “And I got it on tape!”

We’ve seen other Cars and Coffee goers do similar things, such as a Mustang driver in Charlotte, North Carolina a couple of years back or the BMW M4 in near San Francisco Bay. This kind of stuff usually happens as people leave Cars and Coffee, forgetting that they had all day to show off their vehicles in a not-dangerous way and trying to get one more cool point before they head out.

Another driver made the exact same move while leaving the Dallas event a few months ago, according to the YouTube user who uploaded a video of a Corvette crash. The video is cringeworthy enough without a description:

There’s a lesson to be learned here, folks—drive out of your local Cars and Coffee event and simply do a princess wave while people admire your vehicle, if that. Don’t speed out of there and wreck your car, because your admission price will go from “free” to “front fender” in about 2.1 seconds.


Hat tip to MyEgo! No, not literally my ego. Our fabulous reader with that Kinja name.

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