Mustang Cover Boy Tries To Corner, Flips Over Tire Wall

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The Hallett/CarFX project Mustang — featured on the December '09 cover of 5.0 Mustang — dramatically flipped over a tire wall at Hallet Circuit in Oklahoma this weekend, ending up on its roof. Actiongasmic crash gallery below.


The accident apparently happened at turn eight of the track, and the results, as you can see from the gallery above, couldn't be any more dramatic. After ramping the tire wall, the car planted nose-first into the ground and flipped forward, coming to a halt on its roof. You can see in the post-pancake-flipping images that the bolt-in roll cage simply punched through the floor, completely failing in its duty.

Incredibly, neither the driver nor passenger were injured in the accident. Reminds us why we prefer weld-in cages with big thick contact pads. (Hat tip to Michael Banovsky, Brian Makse!) [The Mustang Source]


I'm not sure I get the general hatred of bolt in roll cages. I understand the cheap ones are utter shit, but a real one? sorry, nope. I can grab a pic of the broken off stub of a roll cage in my garage. The chromoly tubing (all that was required 25 years ago) snapped 3-4" above the mounting plate for the bolt in roll cage in my dad's rally car. Driver and codriver survived, or I wouldn't have been born. #carcrashes