Mustang Bashes Motorcyclist To The Ground In Stupid Road Rage Incident

Occasionally, it’s entirely appropriate to drop whatever your holding, look straight into the eyes of whoever’s closest to you, and ask “what the fuck is wrong with people?” This incident between a Mustang and a motorcycle is one of those times.

I don’t have an answer for the music in this video, so, please don’t ask. Well, you can ask, I suppose. It does make an attempted vehicular manslaughter much more danceable.


This went down in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this spring (as in last night), in Colorado. Denver news station ABC 7 reports that there was an “altercation” between the motorcylist and the Mustang driver, which the Mustang driver decided to end by bumping into the motorcyclist, sending him tumbling off his bike on the highway.

And yes, in the video, you can see the motorcyclist riding alongside the Mustang for a good long while, presumably being some manner of dickhole. Still, regardless of the type of dickhole the motorcyclist may have been being, at some point the Mustang driver had to take a train of thought similar to this: “This guy on that motorcycle sure is being a manner of dickhole. I think my best plan of action, aside from easily slowing down or speeding up, is to make contact with his motorized-cycle so that he could very easily end up dead. Yes, yes, that should do nicely; a nice evening murder. Then, perhaps, I shall reward myself with some taquitos.”

Both shitheads were arrested in relation to the incident: Mustang for suspicion of second-degree assault and motorcycle for suspicion of harassment. Hopefully a jury will nail them both for aggravated sucking at being people, and take away their licenses and give them pills that make them chronic bedwetters.

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