Musk’s Deafening Silence During Tesla Earnings Call Speaks Volumes

There was one moment during yesterday’s Tesla’s earnings call that said everything, while Elon Musk said absolutely nothing.

A couple months back Uber exec Steve Jurvetson made the offhand comment that if Tesla made 500,000 autonomous cars by 2020, the ride-hailing service would buy every single one. The internet had a laugh and the world moved on.


During the call, a financial analyst asked if that was something Tesla would consider or “does Tesla just cut out the middle man and sell on-demand electric mobility services directly from the company on its own platform.”

After an achingly long six seconds, Musk responded, “that’s an insightful question.” Followed by “I don’t think I should answer it.”

TechCrunch snagged the audio from the call and you can watch Jurvetson’s comment below:

Take note.

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