Mushroom Jesus Is Back To Sell You Lincolns

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Matty’s back.

In September 2014, Lincoln released an MKC commercial that I will remember for the rest of my life. It involved Matthew McConaughey, a Lincoln MKC, a bull, some restless fingers and the hardest shout laughter I’ve ever thrown at a car commercial. It was out of fucking control.

Today, Lincoln released a new McConaughey commercial for its Continental campaign that is slightly less unhinged than “Bull,” but arguably just as hallucinogenic:

It’s only a minute long but, boy, is it jam-packed with a bunch of odd images and one rambling soliloquy.

First, clearly, Matty is standing outside of the car on a lake (?), like Jesus, who also probably drove a Lincoln. He’s staring at the Lincoln and from the looks of things, there is nobody in the car. So who hit the button on the handle and opened the door from the inside? Who?


Matthew did, apparently. He then climbs into the driver’s seat of the Lincoln and then proceeds to... have a conversation with himself? Because he’s also already seated in the back seat? Is that even a soliloquy anymore?


And then they drive off! That’s it!

I will say that the commercial was shot in a very striking place—Iceland, to be exact. That’s neat.


Also, no matter how much I make fun of this commercial and subsequent ones that will follow, Lincoln’s already won this race. I sure won’t buy a Lincoln anytime soon. But I sure as hell am talking about them. As did the Texas police. And Jim Carrey. And a little kid. And Ellen.

Funny how that works.