Murilee Shows You How To Steal Gas, 1985 Style!

Some guys might be ashamed of a blurry Super 8 film showing them at age 18, siphoning gas whilst sporting dirtbag-style long hair (no, it's not a goddamn mullet), a Dark Angel T-shirt, and a '68 Mercury Cyclone with cheap mags in the back and factory hubcaps on the front... but this is Jalopnik! Here's some footage I shot for a film class; let's just say I gave up on the project because it's really hard to capture a good burnout at night on ASA 64 Super 8 movie film (it does show off some cinematic technique, with a sophisticated skateboard-as-camera-dolly shot). And, since Super 8 film is silent and we are not crooks, let's have a little Tricky Dick soundtrack to go with it! Never heard of Dark Angel, dude? Make the jump!


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No Kids Just Bikes

Thanks Murilee. The Jalop has been lacking in the 'recommending music I start listening to' department.

too fast, my ass