Murilee Hops Into The Hooptie, Heads On Outta Here

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Nearly four years have passed since the first post I wrote for Jalopnik. It's been a good run, but I need a break.


So now I'm sitting at a Formica desk in a North Carolina airport motel, trying to shake off my post-LeMons-race exhaustion enough to write a farewell that can stand up next to Spinelli's or Lieberman's, by my midnight-Sunday deadline, and the ol' mental starter solenoid is just going click-click-click.

What's the deal here? I'm working on a novel— something a bit more respectable, and car-centric than the first Murilee Martin title— and I can't do that while also judging 22 LeMons races a year and writing all the Jalopnik posts our readers have come to expect on the weekends.

For now, Murilee Martin weekends are over. I'll try to knock out some more junkyard projects along the lines of the Junkyard Boogaloo Boombox and share them with you on these pages, and I'll do my best to scrawl some words on on a quasi-regular basis.

What's next for the weekends? Check in Monday for the official announcement from Jalop HQ.


Raphael Orlove

Of everything that I watched and read on Jalopnik, I think that your stuff, Murille, influenced me more than any others. The style, the bravado, the DOTS. Now who will I turn to to share frantic excitement expressed only in extreme close ups of rusting, dented sheetmetal?