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The Man, in this case literally Mr. Lube, is trying to keep women down, suing Ms. Lube for trademark infringement. "It is very representative of the machismo and the male chauvinism that exists in the trade," says Ms. Lube.


The trouble started when Jessica Gilbank, Ms. Lube's founder, went on the Dragon's Den TV show to try and raise money for her fledgling all-woman car repair shop. One of the judges was the co-owner of Mr. Lube who, instead of rewarding Gilbank with seed money, warned her that trouble was pending over copyright infringement. Three months later, Ms. Lube was slapped with a lawsuit for $240,000.

Rather than simply changing the name, Gilbank is fighting the suit in court. "On principle alone, I am not comfortable rolling over on this," she told The Globe and Mail. She sees the suit not as a simple copyright lawsuit, but rather an attack on female ownership of a business in a male dominated world.


Mr. Lube suggests the play on the name of its massive chain is intended to draw customers away from its business. According to Gilbank, the suit is a typical male reaction to problem solving: seeking conflict to resolve disputes. [via The Globe and Mail]

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