Mr. Cobra's Garage Is Worth A Pilgrimage For All Shelby Cobra Fans

If they call you Mr. Cobra and Shelby American's younger staff used to ring you up for advice when it came to fixing old Cobras, you might just be the man with the grandest Cobra collection of them all. Shelby fans, this is your Mecca.


Lynn Park is one of those old school car guys you would love to hang out with. He's been in love with Shelby Cobras for 52 years now, and it all started with his mom's '56 Ford, which he put a large Edsel engine in straight after getting his license. After setting up his own business and fixing up a bunch of 'theft-stripped' but brand new muscle cars, a peek at the cover of a Road & Track in 1962 changed everything.

Lynn was at Shelby American a week later, and while they expected him to buy the car, he instead learned everything there was to know about these brand new hot rods. He soon bought his own AC and jammed a Ford motor in it, creating his dream car before being able to get the real deal.

After years of drag racing, becoming friends with the old man himself and restoring and upgrading all sorts of derelict cars, Mr. Cobra's collection expanded into the amazing garage he has today. Shelby's own Daytona Coupe spent five years here, and Lynn's one-of-five drag racing hardtops has Shelby's signature on its pink slip.

I'll take the one with the extended boot and the bad history please!


Rob Emslie

Lynn is a regular at the Saturday morning Early Rodders gathering here in Montrose, CA. We typically have more real Cobras than replicas at that event and they get premium placement at the opening of the lot. It's great that he not only owns these cars, but he regularly exercises them as well.