Moving Car Struck By Meteorite, Flying Pigs Pending

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"Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's A plane! Oh crap, it's space junk hitting my car!" This has been a fictionalized reenactment of one miss Leah's car getting thwacked with what was apparently a meteorite. We're thinking of calling up our physics major friends, the ones who are mostly unemployed now, and asking them to calculate what the odds are of a moving car being struck by a meteorite. We're betting it's low. BoingBoing ran a post earlier today recounting the tale of the interstellar insurance nightmare and the disbelief is still planted firmly on our faces. [Draplin Design via BoingBoing]


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Rob Emslie

That doesn't have the appearance of something that has just plunged through the atmosphere. I'm calling shenanigans on this one. Probably was a piece of tailpipe that was thrown up by another car and hit theirs.

I was hit my a truck mudflap once, thrown up by a Postal Service truck. Took out the headlight and the car had long scratches on the windscreen for ever after.